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Investment Projects & Business Property

The aim of the site is to attract direct foreign investment into Republic of Belarus.

On the site was created and continues to expand the most comprehensive in Belarus database, which contains more than 800 investment projects proposed for implementation of major state enterprises and corporations as well as small private companies. The database includes information on more than 7,000 current and past auctions on the sale of property and law of the land lease, which are held by various government agencies and organisations. Separately, we have a section, which contains all offers to sell operating business*. Was collected the information about sale of more than 1000 major commercial property objects.

In addition, we have all currently available data on the privatisation of state enterprises, operating state programs, opportunities of the investing in the banking sector and financial instruments of the Republic of Belarus*.

The information was gathered from more than 90 different sources.

The database is absolutely open and free of charge.

Our site is assisting in search of possible investment opportunities on the Republic of Belarus territory as well as contains complete information on the investment legislation and benefits provided to the investor.

To the investor, wishing to explore investment opportunities in Belarus, our company is ready to offer our services on the investment tourism* and the investment consulting.

We will be happy to offer our services on selection of objects of interest for capital investment, organisation of visits of objects, representation in the Republic of Belarus, organisation of meeting with not only the owners of the property, but also with the representatives of local authorities.

Thanks to the experience gained from the implementation of development projects, our company will be able to take care of property management of the investor within the territory of Belarus.

In case if the investment project meets the required parameters of Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus, our company will assist in concluding an investment agreement with Republic of Belarus.

*coming soon


Belarus - the country with warm investment climate.


  1. Attractive political and economic conditions.
  • Simple procedure for opening and registration of enterprises
  • Advanced Investment Legislation
  • stable socio-political situation

2. Strategically advantageous geographical position.

  • Three major European markets: Europe, CIS countries and the open market in the Customs Union countries
  • Belarus is a transport and communicative link between Russia and Europe
  • Optimal logistic expenditures for export of manufactured products in Europe, as well as in the CIS

3. Developed infrastructure, high standard of living.

  • The developed network of road, rail and air routes
  • Reliable supply of energy, water and telecommunication services
  • High level of health care
  • Low crime rate

4. Here are the economic opportunities concentrated.

  • Intensive focus on exports
  • The ideal location of European and international concerns
  • The leading positions of manufacture of dairy products
  • An important centre of the raw materials transit, despite the insignificant raw material supply
  • The presence of free economic zones in each of the six regions of the Republic

5. Labor market flexibility, high productivity.

  • Liberal labor law, attractive to employers conditions
  • Low unemployment, high proportion of employment
  • Educated staff who possess high qualifications and considerable scientific and technical potential.
  • A very advantageous correlation of the payment level with workers qualification.

6. Moderate taxation.

  • Competitive tax rates in Europe
  • Rather low social deductions
  • Persons who have moved to a permanent place of residence in the Republic of Belarus, are exempt from paying income tax on income received by them outside the country for five years.

7. Efficient capital market.

  • Wide range of banking and insurance products
  • Favorable conditions of charging percentages
  • Long-term price stability

8. The high level of education, development of innovation.

  • Practically oriented schooling, vocational and higher education
  • Support in the embodying of innovative ideas

9. Professional support in hosting business in Belarus.

  • Activities of the Consultative Council for Foreign Investments and National Investment Agency
  • Assistance in establishing of business relations and finding land
  • Tax incentives
  • A large number of privileges and preferences for companies opening production

...... this is what allows foreign investor to feel comfortable on the territory of our Republic.

Even if you have not yet decided, where to direct your investments in Belrus, our site will help you to get all the relevant information about events occurring at the investment field of Belarus, as well as it will help you with searching of the expected investment object.


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