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The Place of Your Investment Funds

Site Investar.by is an official site of Investment Company Paternus Terra

The aim of the site is to attract direct foreign investment into Republic of Belarus.
Our company is working on creation of the whole country database on all worthy investment propositions in the area of business projects, commercial property, sales and privatisation of all properties in Republic of Belarus. In the database included not only suggestions of private commercial property. but also auctions on sales properties and rental rights of land, held by local governments and organisations. We also gathered almost all investment projects, offered for consideration by local governments and organisations.  

The database is open and absolutely free of charge.

Our site is assisting in search of possible investment opportunities on the Republic of Belarus territory. In case of potential investor not having enough information offered on our the site, our company will be happy to offer our services on selecting appropriate investment of their capital, organisation of attendance of chosen project, organisation of meeting with not only the owners of the property, but also with the members of local government and organisation of management of purchased property.

In case if the investment project is matching the requirements of President of RB Legislation, our company will be happy to assist in concluding an investment agreement with Republic of Belarus.


Belarus - the country with warm investment climate.

  • Convenient geographical location between European Union and Russian Federation.
  • Open market for sale into Custom Union.
  • Developed investment legislation, which guarantees the defense of investor's rights thanks to a first Investment Legislation in CIS.
  • Highly technically skilled, experienced and educated workforce.
  • Developed structure, excellent international and regional highways.
  • Stable social and political situation.
  • Low level of crime, absence of  burocractic barriers.
  • Export minded economy.
  • High level and pace of economical development.
  • Free economical zones in all six regions of Republic.
  • Government authorities, helping to attract foreign investment (Consulting Union on foreign investments and National investment Agency).


All of the above is allowing any foreign investor to feel comfortable on the territory of Republic of Belarus.